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just avoid atrophy(?)

Posted by dang dave on 2/03/00 at 00:00 (015463)


no problem, some things work, some don't.

I for instance am only going to take a very conservative walk with the dog today after two days of rigorous hiking after working on my feet all day for each of three days. I've also diligently stretched my feet and calve muscles every morning too... which works as far as I can feel.

another change is my footware. After giving up on the boots I'd thought were too stiff, my new Garmont Vegans, they now seem perfect and my Lowas now seem a little too flexible. I've been wearing the same boots for three days of 9 hours on my feet running up and down stairs and so forth doing finish carpentry... and the new ones that used to hurt now seem perfect.... I think as I started snowshowing again these boots became more and more useful as they don't have leather and they dry out fast and are fairly water resistant. After a month of only using them a hour or so a day in only hiking situations they seemed to have strengthened and protected my feet better and better while my feet got accustomed to them. ( I always wear my custom Kork bed Superfeet inserts... so far the only ones that work for me... the Birkenstock ones hurt more than helped...) The Lowas work when my feet are tender... but these Garmont ones have really grippy Vibram soles that are a new design that are an improvement on the old Vibrams... These are like Nokias or Hakip.'s in the tire world... (wish I wished I had on my truck as my cheapo snowtires are not good..)

I do worry about a cast though. I wore a body cast once. Not the funniest of sensations, esp. when I got itchy.

take care.