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To Mariann

Posted by Nancy S. on 2/07/00 at 00:00 (015563)

Mariann, have you read Scott's 'PF Book,' 'Surveys,' etc., which you can click on at the top of the page? (Scott is the owner of this site.) It doesn't sound like it, and there is a WEALTH of information there -- much of it that can help without seeing a doctor. You might want to see a doctor at least once to get accurately diagosed, although you certainly sound as if you have plantar fasciitis. When I first got it 10 months ago I did have health insurance and was seeing a podiatrist. Frankly, he didn't help me much; it wasn't until I found this site, read back over many many messages on the message board gathering infrmation, and read all of Scott's research that I began to try different things and began to get better. I've now lost my health insurance and as far as PF goes, I don't even care, because the things that are helping me I don't need a doctor for. What has been helping me? Rest, gentle stretching, BIRKENSTOCK shoes (a godsend for me), custom orthotics which I did get through the doctor but they don't help as much as Birks, and many people here have found other kinds of heel inserts and arch supports that sound at least as good -- NOT walking on that pained heel when it is hurting. As Scott will tell you, it is crucial to get rid of that morning pain, because the pain is telling you that you are reinjuring your foot every time. No doubt you'll need better shoes and some kind(s) of inserts to help with this, as well as slow and mild stretching before getting up. But But you can read all about your options throughout this site and message board. In general, the sooner you start treating this and taking the treatment seriously (giving it TOP priority in your life), the sooner you will heal. Please do some reading here, and come back with any questions at all that you might have, no matter how small or specific. We all know what it's like and want to help.
--Nancy S.