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Re: To Alan -- re: pain diary etc.

Posted by Nancy S. on 2/08/00 at 00:00 (015594)

Wendy, I keep a notebook too -- actually two. One is a simple diary where every night I record my pain level for the day, whether I wore orthotics or Birks, how much sleep I got the night before, and what I ate that day (since I'm on that candida diet -- I'm actually getting very used to it and hardly have to think about it anymore, which is nice. I've always hated having to Pay Attention to stuff like that.)
The other notebook is sort of a venting notebook, where I try to empty my mind of frustrations, pain, losses due to PF, etc. But I also try to find some peace at it -- I listen to music and light candles while I write, and like you, at the end, I try to think of something beautiful I saw or thought that day, even the simplest things, to keep perspective. Some days that's hard to do. One day I was having a REALLY hard time -- I couldn't think of a darn good thing that had happened that day. At last, just as I was giving up, one popped into my mind: riding in the truck with my husband, we passed a yard that had a five-member snowman family kind of waving out by the road. The snowpeople were all dressed colorfully and looked very happy, and of course they had NO FEET! So that was a momentary delight.
Yesterday's good thing was my second swim. I have long hair and so the cleanup after swimming could be annoying, but I'm not letting it be annoying, because the aftermath of a swim for the rest of the day is feeling better in every way.
I'm glad you're keeping your diary. I know you have a rough and tough case and I think you're really brave, so am glad you're doing things like this for yourself.
--Nancy S.