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To Laurie: (On doctors)

Posted by wendyn on 2/09/00 at 00:00 (015642)

Don't get me wrong - with the exception of Pod #2 and the EMG dude, I have not been upset with the doctors. Just frustrated.

Other than that, they've all been reasonably nice - just not terribly helpful. They agree something is wrong, but no one is quite sure what it is or exactly what to do about it.

This, unfortunately, has happened to me before. You may recall that I went through a similar series of doctors just to have an abnormally placed bunion diagnosed and removed. I seem to always have variations of what they normally see or expect and this makes it tougher to understand what's happeing.

Finally got my date for the visit with Foot and Ankle surgeon - I will see him mid May. Back in November I was told that I would be waiting a year so I guess I can't complain.