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It's the MPa. Forget about the kV

Posted by Scott R on 2/09/00 at 00:00 (015657)

I tried to explain before, but now I can state it more clearly. kV ratings are probably useful for setting the intensity for an individual type of machine such as the OssaTron during treatment. kV ratings are USELESS for cross-comparing different machines. The reason is that we are interested Pressure (kV times Amps times time = power. Power times a factor for loss in efficiency divided by volume of tissue treated is MPa). Pressure is what breaks cells apart when it is increased and decreased rapidly in the shocks. It is probably set by adjusting the kV knob on the machine, whilst amps and time and volume remain unknown to us for different machines. Therefore voltage is meaningless for these comparisons. You've got to know all 4 to calculate MPa: kV, Amps, volume, time.