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Come to Maine and see Thailand

Posted by Nancy S. on 2/12/00 at 00:00 (015775)

Hey Alan, if you're anywhere near Maine, bring your wife over to our place and see some great slides of Thailand, taken two years ago. Admission is free, we will refuse your two dollars. My husband, who works like a DOG eleven months of the year as a carpenter and painter, takes one month a year to travel (I'm a homebody). He takes a courier flight to Hong Kong for only $300 round trip, and makes his way from there on his own. Two years ago he spent most of the time in Thailand, which he loved, and also some in Laos and Burma. Last year he went to the wilds of New Guinea, then Nepal. This Tuesday, he leaves for Tibet (a part that China just opened up for visiting).
This post is about foot pain because sometimes he comes home with sore feet from walking. However, the lucky fellow does not have PF. -- Nancy