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10 months post op

Posted by Lori S on 2/13/00 at 00:00 (015825)

Helene, Basically, I have seen a major improvement since my surgery. This past week I've had more soreness than I've had for awhile. Don't know why. But, I'm still able to walk my two Dobermans 1-2 miles a day with no problems. In the next month or so I'm going back to the acupuncturist and have her work on both feet a bit. I believe that I will always have to be careful with my feet and baby them a bit. I don't want to get slammed but I'm now believing that PF is like alcoholism. Once a sufferer, always a sufferer, though you can have surgery and other things to help relieve the pain for however long. I pray that my feet are someday free of all pain and soreness but I will never let up on taking care of them (icing, stretching, orthotics).
Lori in AZ