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Re: ...I was once in excruciating pain....

Posted by Robin B. on 2/15/00 at 00:00 (015903)

Salina, I have posted all over this board about my ongoing recovery from PF. You might want to do a message board search. I am NOT all better, but I am much better than I was. Like you, I could barely stand. I was in pain 24 hours a day -- sitting, standing, lying down, all the same to me. My life might have been worth living, but I had precious little energy left with which to do that.

I have my own personal resservations about what I feel is an increasing commercialism on this board -- but for me, it doesn't matter since my course is already set and I am not in search of or buying any more products. My PF started two years ago and nearly disabled me. It stopped my whole life on a dime and it made me miserable.

Today I am able to walk about 2 miles at a stretch, sometimes a bit more. My life isn't 100% back to normal -- but it's about 70%. There IS hope. Treatment IS an individual issue; different people respond to different treatment.

There is no quick fix, no way to escape doing some research and reading and experimenting with what you think might work for you. The best advice I can give you is -- learn for yourself, don't rely on whoever happens to be posting at the moment to give you 'medical' advice. Search, research, read, analyze and try various treatment modalities out. Also, I don't know what your personal situation is -- but at some level, you should be working cooperatively with a doctor. Lots of medical conditions cause trouble with feet, and you may want to rule out a host of them.

What has worked for me is Birkenstocks, bromelain, aerobic exercise, serious rest for my feet, a moderately low-carb diet that eliminates all wheat and flour products, very minimal stretching and icing only after exercise. Some days are great; some mediocre. None are as bad as I used to have.

There is indeed hope. You CAN get better. Some people recover in 9 months. Some in 2 years. Some in 8 years. Anti-inflammatories can definitely help, but I do not believe they are a 'cure.' In fact, I don't believe that acute cases of PF ever really get cured. I think they get 'managed.' Stick with it and keep trying different approaches to pain relief and foot recovery.