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HMO insurance and "parasite" treatment

Posted by alan k on 2/15/00 at 00:00 (015909)

I am on the parasite hypothesis. I have used Cat's Claw but did not notice anything. I rarely notice anything, though, and in the cat's claw case didn't keep it up. I didn't know it was a g-i herb, just knew about the swelling.

My poor medical care notwithstanding, I do in fact have HMO insurance and as I said no money, and all my doctors look at me screwy and say no whenever I try to get them to look into bugs and yeast, etc. Does anyone know what to say or how to proceed among allopathic doctors who put no stock in this? What kind of a doctor should I try to get a referal to? I know Gordon has given us information about g-i testing through naturalpaths, etc., but I have no money for that left.

Mike W-- can you recommend an intestinal cleanse? But maybe I should wait to get tested first because it might mask the culprit.

alan k