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Posted by Salina on 2/15/00 at 00:00 (015911)

I always ran around in running shoes all the time until 2 yrs ago, when I bought a pair of 'walking' shoes instead. I have been buying 'walking' shoes since then. I have read somewhere that you should not wear 'running' shoes unless you are actually engaging in that activity. But since I did not have PF or any feet pain until I stopped wearing them and started wearing other shoes, I think I should try to wear them again on a daily basis. Does this sound like a stupid idea, crazy, or make sense?
And, a man (not sure of his credentials), came to my husbands unit and gave a class on shin splints, foot problems, knee injuries, etc. And he told them that Asics are the best running shoe.
BUT I believe Ihave read messages posted here that say Asics shoes is what messed them up, something about being too flexible.
I am currently wearing Reebok walking shoes that I purchased a couple of days after my feet started hurting. But I am thinking I need to switch.
Any suggestions?
I have to discuss my inserts with my doctor. I cannot wear them at all. they just sort of measured my feet, then five minutes later came back with these hard inserts. And my foot feels like the arch is so high, I can actually rock my foot on it. IT feels like a ball wadded up in my shoe. everyone else seems to love their inserts and they seem to help comfort their feet. What is wrong with me or mine?
Please respond about the shoes.
What is so good about Birkenstocks? My husband has hid the credit card (just joking) but I am sure he has thought about it. I used to be such a 'low maintenance' wife, now I am always on the internet looking at things to purchase to help my feet feel better.