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Re: john a -- reply to your message-board thoughts

Posted by Nancy S. on 2/15/00 at 00:00 (015927)

Gee, I don't know, John. I had the cortisone early on, before I was 'chronic' or whatever I am now, and it lasted about 5 hours -- i.e., didn't do a thing for me. I'm inclined to believe that if I'd found this site when I was at the 2-month stage, instead of 8 month, I'd be a lot better off now. Instead I found a bad podiatrist, everyone is probably tired of hearing about him by now. But he gave me no guidance. If at that early stage I had started wearing good shoes, doing a little stretching, not going barefoot, never walking through that morning pain, RESTING when my foot hurt instead of working on it all day and thinking I was a heroine/martyr, icing it after overdoing it, considering how what I eat might contribute -- let's see, I could go on and on -- I might be a lot better off than I am now (I believe it). Nevertheless, ignoring the setback I'm having now due to a bad stretch (drastic, you might call it!) that a doc told me to do, since finding this site I had made a lot of progress, and hope andthink I will again. That's two months on this site versus (and following) 6 months with bad doctors with whom I got almost nowhere. Anyway, John, I too have days where I check in here too often. And the 'chronic' sound sometimes can be depressing. But I don't know when we become chronic. My mother has a friend who had this for a year and tried all sorts of things, and then tried the night splint, and poof, she was cured. I met a guy the other day who had it, never even saw a doctor, just got better shoes, tried to take it a bit easier, and was cured -- after a year and a half. I do wonder how many get over it in a month or two. I would be very surprised if the number were big.
I suppose the commiseration here could be harmful if it kept people from actively wrestling with their condition, but I don't get the impression it does that -- just the opposite. I know that psychologically alone it has helped me a lot. When I first posted, I was at the end of my rope, felt alone, was very depressed and sleeping all the time and thinking my life was over. I don't feel like that now . . . most days! Anyway, I don't think ill of you at all for writing what you wrote. It's honest conjecture, and generally I believe in questioning everything. Especially after my podiatrist experience -- okay, I won't mention him for another two weeks, I promise! Hope you have a better day tomorrow, John --Nancy