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Less Pain

Posted by wendyn on 2/16/00 at 00:00 (015941)

Less pain...hmmmm...Right at this particular point in time, I don't have any pain in my legs. No pain at all in my left foot. No burning anywhere. I don't have that awful my-toes-are-tied-on-too-tight-and-there's-a-vice-around-my-ankle feeling that I often have in my right foot. My feet are not as stiff and achey as they usually are. What I do have is still some soreness on the inside part of my foot along my arch (and suprisingly enough for me it seems to be worse in the morning - maybe this is the PF element at work). I also have some pain on the top of my toe where my bunion is growing back (it bothers me every once in a while).

I sat comfortably last night getting my hair high-lighted with my feet down. (For the unexperienced at this - it takes hours to get highlights and a cut - atleast with my hair). In the past, I've had to prop my feet up because it hurts to have them hanging down very long.

As for why this is happening? It has happened before. No, I never can figure out why. Is it the acupuncture helping this time, or the B12? The only way I will know that there is actually something working - is if this lasts for a significant length of time and lets me resume some activity. Based on past experience - it could come back at any time with a vengance.

My theory? There is something in my Tarsal Tunnel that acts up. I don't know if it's a tendon, or a muscle or just the nerve itself. When it's aggravated or compressed - it causes the nasty pain. Once it settles down enough, the compression goes down and the pain goes down with it.

You may remember that my pain suddenly got much worse just after New Year's for no apparent reason.

I think that this time, I will ice and still try to take it easy and see how long I can drag this out. Normally I start foget about the pain very quickly, and start walking faster etc. I will force myself to continue to walk as slow as when it hurts a lot. At least for a little while to see if it helps!!!