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Re: Cooking & Standing

Posted by VickiJ on 2/17/00 at 00:00 (015978)

I've posted this before and got blasted by someone who said she is a PT or something similar...but...it let me do some things that I couldn't have other wise. I read about it in Scott's book (Ihaven't checked recently to see if it is still in there) and a PT friend suggested that it might help also...and that is to stand slightly pigeon toed when you have to stand...like when cooking or at a check out line, etc. The person who blasted me when I posted this before said it would cause real problems with hips, back, knees, etc. I did not find that to be the case. However,I DID NOT try to walk that way and I thnk maybe she thought I was promoting that as well. I would only stand pigeon toed for a few minutes at a time. It took the pressure off the morst of the inflammed area and while I can't say I felt no pain at all, I wasn't in the excrutiating pain I would have been otherwise. You might want to give it a try...like I said...for a few minutes at a time...but if you feel 'trouble' in your knees or hips or back stop it, of course.If it does help you it will at least give you a tiny bit more freedom.