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Personal Foot Trainers Info requested by Alison and Helena

Posted by Mike W on 2/18/00 at 00:00 (016000)

Scott has been kind enough to give me a link to this site
heelspurs.com/a/pft/ which, has some pictures and information on ordering. In the near future they will be on the products section. I hope to get credit card ordering going soon.To keep things less confusing in the meantime, U.S. customers can send me a check in U.S. funds and Canadian's in Canadian funds. (The address and pricing and shipping info is at the above web page.)

Personal Foot Trainers (PFT's)are an exercise device and technique designed to address the cause of PF by improving the flexibility and strength(elasticity) of neglected lower leg muscles. I believe this is an essential component for eliminating PF because improving muscle elasticity is a natural and effective way to resolve biomechanical imbalances and reduce the tension on inflamed tendons. I also include a detailed document including; the underlying cause, the importance of lower leg muscles, the traditional treatments and practical self care solutions.

I realise that there are lots of choices and many have purchased devices with varying sucess. I developed PFT's because I had chronic
PF and was frustrated by the traditional treatments. PFT's are not something that I causally cooked up. I have spent over 2 years and numerous designs to produce a product and technique that I believe can help many people. I have used my hands on physical therapy experience (5 years), advice, feedback and results from Sports Medicine Doctors, Podiatrists and Clients.

I am happy to talk anyone who has any questions regarding PFT's either on the phone (Toll free, and if I am out I have voice mail) or by email or the message board.

I believe that anyone who has foot pain should first consult with a good health care provider for a proper diagnosis and listen to their approach for dealing with it and then decide what it is right for you.
Scott's site gives you a lot of information you need.

PFT's are not a magic pill for curing PF, the magic is in your body's natural healing ability. PF is a disorder that requires the patient to be active in their rehabilitation. PFT's are intended for people who are motivated and willing to take an active role.

I hope this has answered you questions.

Thank you for your interest,

Mike W