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Posted by salina on 2/18/00 at 00:00 (016004)

I used the footflex twice yesterday. I felt silly spending money on something that is such a simple device as this. But I thought it might help me because one of the symptoms I have is the inability to flex my toes. I don't know if it is from inflammation or what, but my right foot was sort of cramped up in a ball there for a few weeks. My toes weren't curled or anything, but I was unable to stretch or flex them at all without severe pain. So I thought this would help. I will keep it set on #1 for now.
My calves are pretty sore. That is all I feel right now.
But I am assuming that is a good thing. I put it right in front of the television since, (unfortunately) I am spending a lot of time there. this way I will think to use it.
I think it will help motivate me to stretch more during the day. I have to remove my shoes in order to do it correctly, and I hate that because as soon as I do that, my right foot seems to have bells going off saying its time to throb and turn colors. Left foot just has smaller sized bells, but still ringing.
I would assume that anyone who already has a good stretching routine going on, would not really see any benefit from this thing.
I am just paranoid about doing anything to reinjure myself.
My doctor doesn't seem to be in a hurry to see me, no app. til 25th. So I don't even start PT until then. So I am just going to wait and see wht he says and does.