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Deja Vu

Posted by VickiJ on 2/20/00 at 00:00 (016085)

Wow...your words sound so familiar!
I didn't 'give in' to the 'little bit of pain' either and ended up on crutches, unable to walk unassisted from my bed to the bathroom.
You are the only one who can really know 'her feet' but remember this: Pain is our body's warning signal...

I understand the addiction to exercise...but remember that addictions keep us from being objective and rational. If you think it's hard to cut back on your running, how happy will you be if you can't run at all, or even walk? Maybe practising some wise prevention now for a few months you'll remain a runner the rest of your life. Do you really understand what it means to 'learn the hard way'? Have you read the stories on this board of those of us who not only can't run anymore we lost our jobs because we couldn't walk or stand?

I'm sorry to sound so dark...but ignoring the pain can (not always) lead to drastic and tragic results. And so far, no one can tell who will and who won't be disable by pf when the 'little pain' starts.