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Stretching by Bob Anderson

Posted by dang dave on 2/21/00 at 00:00 (016174)

there is an old often reissued book called stretching that has good diagrams for stretching for various muscle sectors of the body. I do only a few for my lower legs and feet.

The ones I do in bed are to arrise on my futon and sit on my lower calves with feet under me, toes extended behind me, then put one knee up, with one foot on bed, keeping other leg in the prior position underneigh (in the 'buddhist prayer' position) and lean forward upon upright knee with torso and and press down for a gentle stretch upon the plantar area of foot below... hold that position for over a minute.

Do other leg and foot... same way.

then sit and do a feet together, sitting down meditative style stretch, stretching hamstrings and inner legs, then sit on side of bed and put one lower leg on the other knee and gently but vigorously use hand to twist foot around in a circular motion by grasping toe and ball of foot area and making circles with that part of foot (one direction 15-20 times then other direction..) then do the same with other foot.

Last of all, and most pleasantly, give each foot a 15 - 30 second thumb, knuckle and finger massage digging in as much as possible without hurting the bottoms of feet...

then step off into a nice sandal (Birkenstock for me) for morning routines...

seems to work for me...

(you may need the book for diagrams.... if my explanation isn't sufficient...)