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Re: what massage did you learn?

Posted by John C on 2/22/00 at 00:00 (016188)


I will try my best to describe it to you. The technique was really fairly simple. First of all, I had the classic PF pain spot of the front side of my left heel. I also had several other painful spots around the center of the heel. At the point that I started the massage, I was around 80% improved and had had PF for 13 months. I was also very discouraged because I had been stuck at this 80% stage for several months and was beginning to think that I would never completely rid myself of PF. I am a runner and had made several attempts to start back running. I couldn't run any without making the pain worse.

The massage technique works like this. I would take my thumb, find a hurt place, and massage it in a circular motion. I used my thumb because it was larger and I could apply more preasure with it than any of my fingers. At times, I would use both hands to increase the preasure. Remember, I only had 20% of my original pain. The painful spots were deep and took a good bit of pressure to get to. In the early days of my PF, I still remember my Pod pressing on the 'spot' and me jumping like I had been shot. In those days, it didn't take very much pressure to cause a lot of pain.

How much pressure? I would apply enough pressure to cause pain. Not a lot, but a moderate amount. Find that painful spot, apply pressure, and use a circular motion for several minutes. This massage person at the Chiropractor used a cream that made the skin slippery. I just used my bare hand. I found that I could do as good as she could. As I said, I had several other small spots that I would massage in addition to the main one.

I wish I had tried this technique earlier. I really helped a great deal. It got rid of that last 20% of pain and got me back to running. I have now been running aver 6 months and no problems.

I hope this helps.

Good luck