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Re: Salina

Posted by Stephanie S. on 2/22/00 at 00:00 (016201)

Wow!! Do we share the same life or what? My children range in age from
2-9yrs old. I'm with you on the night splints.They're nearly impossible to wear throughout the night. I've busted it more than a few times thinking 'I can go to them ...without taking these darn things off'. I've learned my lesson. Well, don't know which is worse.
If I wear them...don't get deep sleep.(pain to keep putting on and off). I must admit...I notice the difference when I don't wear them.
My feet hurt worse.Try to get out of bed without falling into the
dresser.Know the feeling?I'm terribly pathetic.Ha!I hobble ..I don't
walk.So..tell me...what have you found to help you...your in the same
situation that I am. I mean...I just can't lay down and suffer (although sometimes I'd like to). Life goes on..still have to make
lunchboxes,go on fieldtrips,wash clothes and clean the house. It doesn't matter that my feet hurt badly...I still have my duties as
a wife and mother. I just wish I could figure out what will help me
the best. I've been reading alot here...some things I haven't tried.
I know..my doctor said surgery was the next option. I'm absolutely
terrified of that thought.I think I'd rather hobble.I've bought more
heel pads and cups known to man.Ha Ha Have you heard of this Strass.
sock. Seemed to have the same affect that the night splints would...
definetly looks to be more comfortable and I'm sure my husband would
agree to try it. I've knocked him plenty of times with those splints.
Once even stomped his foot.Truely..it was a accident! Every night he
says 'Get your boots on'. And when I do...I typically get frustrated
and throw them to the floor.But my feet ached terribly over the weekend....you'd be proud...I wore them throughout the entire night
for 2 straight days. He's always getting on to me..'your not wearing
them enough'. Boy!!I just want to tell him to have 1 night with those
ski boots!See how much sleep he gets.Ha! You do realize I'm going to
pay for this. I've been sitting at this computer too long. I dread
getting up.Thanks for the reply.I needed to know I'm not the only
one with this problem.I wonder if yours started with your last pregnancy.??? Keep wearing your splints. Good luck! Stephanie