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Re: Salina

Posted by salina on 2/22/00 at 00:00 (016202)

Hi, Stephanie. Yes, I do think my PF started a while back with the last two pregnancies, but I just kept going and now am paying for it. I think it was caused from bouts of inactivity, then bouts of constant exercising and activity, like a cycle. I have always been active and love exercising, but with kids, I have never been able to do anything on a regular basis.
This board is great. Most of the people on it are so informed and have great advice.
My problem is that I am sitting on my duff because of this, and have too much time on my hands now. I do not have a single friend here because I cannot get out enough to make any. I read the board every day and learn something new, or at least something to think about.
But I am trying not to post that much because I end up being chatty instead of informative. That is the problem with sitting around too much.
So, if you or any of the other women get like I do and just want to vent, chat, or email someone just for the sake of getting through the day, feel free to email me at garrettx7@aol.com.
I will definately email back. Just a thought to those that are interested.
Love this board!!