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Re: what massage did you learn?

Posted by Annette on 2/22/00 at 00:00 (016209)

great John, thanks for the info. I too am anxious to get back to running, it has been 3 full months of no running at all, although I started out with pf pain last feb, I ran with it all spring summer and fall until I couldn't even walk, it then took me a few more months to finally give up the running completly, the pain is not as bad now, but I wouldnt say 80% better, I am getting there but I know right now if I decided to run again, the pf would come right back in full force. I will try massaging my foot, and stay on the x-country ski's for a bit longer, thanks so much for the help.
ps...how much are you running? do you run long distance? say marathon running? and if you do, are you running back to normal distance running?