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My Ossatron Experience, (long and detailed)

Posted by Nicole V.R. on 2/23/00 at 00:00 (016293)

Hello, all! Thanks for keeping the Ossatron gang in your thoughts and prayers. It was so nice to meet different people from all over North America. I was able to do some sight seeing of Toronto since I drove up over the weekend with my husband and we had Monday free. It's a beautiful city, and we were treated to a very pleasant dinner where everyone had a chance to share experiences and ask questions. We met Dr. Gordon then and I found him to be a very friendly, funny person.

I arrived at the office the next morning and the procedue began by having my foot numbed, several injections on the inside ankle, which were uncomfortable, and several in the bottom of the heel, at the most tender spot, which hurt like hell. I believe a third set of injections were given, but at this point I couldn't feel anything in my foot. We proceded to the room with the Ossatron in it, and the patient lies face down on a table. Everyone had to wear headphones because the machine is so loud, making a clicking noise. Dr. Gordon held my foot and supervised the technician operating the machine. At first I could feel the vibrations on the outside of my ankle, as they had instructed I would. It became more and more painful until the pain moved to my heel, and I couldn't stand it anymore. The doctor stopped the machine and injected my heel with more (lidocaine?). Since I didn't feel this injection, he concluded that my foot had gotten a cramp during the procedure, the first time that he had ever experienced this with a patient, and instructed me to wiggle my toes and bend my ankle while the shocks were being given. We went on with the rest of the procedure and I was fine. Several times, the machine backfired, and the pressure was more intense for a split second, but this scared me more than it hurt. I couldn't hear much of what was being said, but my husband believes I got the cramp at 16,000 (shock waves?), and finished with 15,000.

It took most of the day for feeling to come back into my foot, and I woke up in the middle of last night to take pain medicine. This morning the pain was worse than my usual PF. I know I'm supposed to walk on my foot, but I find this impossible. I've been using my crutches and resting mostly, and I can feel the pain gradually getting better. It does feel like a bad bruise, and pain is relieved a little by putting moderate pressure on it (such as when I'm sitting here typing with my heel on the floor) and lightly rubbing it. My heel is swollen and hard, but isn't bruised or discolored. I've been instructed to follow up with physical therapy, and to wear a gel heel cushion in my shoe. My intention was to return to work tomorrow but at this point I don't believe I'll be able to. I'll keep everyone posted as to when my pain subsides and how my PF feels then.

Well, that is my experience. I'm very glad I decided to have the treatment and I want to thank Scott, John Warlick, and Dr. Gordon for making this possible. Thanks to Dr.Z for the advice, and thanks to my husband for supporting me through the whole process. Good luck to all who had this done with me, and I hope everyone feels better soon!

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