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Low Energy vs High Energy & Inflammation

Posted by David L on 2/24/00 at 00:00 (016313)

Duane...sorry I haven't been back to you sooner about this, but there was some research that I wanted to quote. Sonocur induces less inflammation than high energy machines. Low energy does produce inflammation but it is considerably less. Although ideally it would be best not to take NSAIDS for 48 hours after treatment, it is not as much of an issue with low energy because of the much lower inflammation.
According to a study published by Rompe et al. in the May 1998 issue of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery:
'The beneficial effects of low energy shock waves may be related to Melzack's concept of hyperstimulation analgesia, in that a moderate sensory stimulus can relieve pain when it is administered directly to the site, and a relatively short stimulus (seconds to minutes) may relieve chronic recalcitrant pain for a long period. High energy shock waves have also been shown to cause mechanical disintegration of calcific deposits in tendons. There have been no reports on alteration or damage to tendon and peritendinous tissues after shock wave therapy, although there have been extensive descriptions of pulmonary alveolar injuries, renal sub- and percapsular haematoma, and hepatic necrosis or haematoma. '

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