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Re: Shoes and stuff: Answering some of Stephanie's Q's.

Posted by Kim B. on 2/24/00 at 00:00 (016347)

Yes, TSS is tarsel tunnel syndrome.

I don't know what an ESG test is. Anyone know?

SAS shoes are shoes made by a company called 'SAS Shoemakers'. I don't know what it stands for, I looked through my literature, and it doesn't say. I don't know if they have a web site or not. Check your yellow pages for a location near you. Here is their corporate phone number (210) 921-7415, they are based in SanAntonio,TX.

Birks is short for Birkenstocks. Their are several dealers who carry them. Try http://www.birkenstock.com or http://www.mjfeet.com

I heard good things about massaging for pf. Do a search on the word 'massage' (above) and read everything poeple have to say and decide for yourself. I've heard it can help break up scar tissue. Makes sense to me and feels good too.

Yes, I have a an electric foot massager under my desk right now. I paid $129 for it at the 'Relax The Back Store' a few years ago. It helps. I can't get my husband to massage my feet. I have to pay a professional if I want it done right anyway. Also, there are inexpensive, non-electric, log type foot massagers available. Try http://www.feelgoodfast.com and http://www.selfcare.com . These are a couple of great website for stuff to make you feel good. Warning: Too many temptations!!

Yes, warm soaks help me. Also, near the Dr. Schoals area, look for a product called 'Johnson's Foot Soap'. 4 packets to a box kind of thing. It's a good product.

You can start out with some inexpensive 'flip flops' type shoes for the shower. I use some cheapos I got at Walmart, but can't find a name on them anywhere. (When they put them out again this spring, I will snatch up about 5 pairs! They acutally have a footbed that looks a bit like the birk's footbed, only soft plastic). Eventually, you can retire some other water resistant pair or invest in some waterproof versions of the expensive kind later.

Those are all the suggestions I have for you, hope it helps! :-)