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2 days Post PF Surgery

Posted by Dan L. on 2/25/00 at 00:00 (016404)

Well, I read the surgery message board and quite a bit of
other info on this site prior to having my bilateral PF surgery.
Many of the postings gave me reason to be quite concerned but after
4 years of suffering with PF in both feet, I felt I had no other
option but surgery. My foot surgeon cut the very bottom of each heel
with about a 1.5' circular incision. This was 2 days ago.
I plan to post to this board at least once a week to let other PF sufferers follow my progression. Hopefully, this will be a source of
encouragement. Of course, so far, I don't have a clue how I will progress. I can tell you this: It hurts like h--- to stand up. So I don't! The pain is much less than I had anticipated prior to surgery (so long as I stay flat on my back).
Best wishes to all (and to ME).