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Posted by Annette on 2/25/00 at 00:00 (016424)

thats just how I am, I have been biking x-country skiing stair machine . I go to the gym almost every day, but I just can't run, it makes me crazy! My sister and I were supposed to run Boston in april, and she keeps asking me if I'll be ready to start training soon, and there is just no way. I just cant believe that I can not run yet, I have been a steady runner since high school(over 20 years ago) ........oh wow...I'm sorry, this has turned into another whining story..... yikes! I'm stopping right now! Sooooooo getting back to pressing on my heel, I feel like this will never go away,(the pain in the heel) but I did start massaging it since I read you last post about massaging the last 20% of pain away. Was your heel a bit sore after you first started massaging it? Mine is sore after I massage it, but very bearable, I just dont know if I am hurting it or helping it, I will keep massaging it and see where it takes me.
thanks for your input John, and I will just have to learn to stay off my stinking foot!
Take care,