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I want to run, too!

Posted by Bob G. on 2/25/00 at 00:00 (016441)

My foot is feeling so much better after months and months of mostly rest; the night splint is helping a lot; thanks, Rick, for the tip on using ibuprofen before bed - makes sense to me; I am breaking in my New Balance running shoes in hopes of beginning very slowly this summer to get back to jogging.
I understand about going out too soon and reinjury - I am being very patient with PF and giving it lots of time to heal. I am gently stretching and just babying my left foot. My foot feels good right now, and I am putting days together with no pain, but I know PF pain is always in the wings ready to bounce back and send me all the way back to square one. Patience is needed here.
I miss running sooo much! Good luck to all of us.