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try some "Euro boots" or Merrell's with Superfeet CustomKork insert...

Posted by dang dave on 2/27/00 at 00:00 (016468)

currently my favorite boot is my Garmont 'Vegen' boots (no leather) with the greatest outer sole I've ever seen, the 'Trail Run' from Vibram... These aren't 'pretty' and look pretty macho, but I also think you all should look into Lowa boots which are nice fitting and looking too.... my other favorites. Merrell makes some good ones too.

My insert and boots with the self massage and regular exercise seem to have kept my feet pain free for over a month now. Today I'm going for an over night backpacking trip on snowshoes and don't worry about pain....

The Birkenstock insert, I tried two of them, is agreed not a good option.... they need to put the arch support much further to the rear than where it is. I am leery of Birks for any thing other than 'casual' wear around the house not more than 4 hours in them.... I used to work in them but my feet hurt after half a day, even though they were delightfull for the first half...

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