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Posted by wendyn on 2/27/00 at 00:00 (016495)

Yes, I've thought about the cortisone - it was suggested by the podiatrist (#2) and the sports med doctor (#2). In retrospect, I probably should have had it done in June when it was first offerred. I was in a tremendous amount of pain, and I had a lot of inflammation and swelling. I didn't have it at that time because the podiatrist refused to discuss possible risks with me. I decided that if he didn't trust me enough to make an educated decision for myself - then I didn't trust him enough to let him poke me with a needle.

At this point, I have almost zero inflammation in my foot. There is no swelling, very little puffiness - little of the 'fluid pooling' that I could actually feel in the past. My feet still get sore and sometimes they burn - but I haven't had them change colors on me in over a month. Most days the pain is quite tolerable, but I still can't do very much and I'm still restricted to walking no more than about 2 blocks at a time....slowly. So, one may say my feet are getting 'better' but they are only 'better' if I don't actually use them.

My understanding of the cortisone shot for TTS, and I believe Dr Zuckerman confirmed this - is that it's used primarily to confirm a diagnosis of TTS and it is usually a short lived pain reliever. I don't think it's used as a 'cure' especially for someone with TTS as long as I've had it.

Since I've had this well over a year now, and my pain level is not significant at this time...I don't feel that the potential risks outweigh the very limited benefits I might get from it.

I had a hard time discussing this with the last podiatrist, because I was in so much pain. I don't know about the rest of you...but if I'm in a lot of pain it's next to impossible to be assertive and confident, especially while dealing with doctors. Over the course of last year, I went from an assertive person who would never back down from a good debate (or a good argument)- to a blubbering pile of mush that could barely find some weak excuse to get out of the podiatrists office with my foot unpoked.

Now that I have regained my wits, I feel better about seeing another doctor and having an (hopefully) intelligent discussion about what can be done to help me.

John - I'd go with the off the shelf inserts if I didn't have so much structurally wrong with my foot. If these next orthotics don't work I guess that's what I'll be left with even if it's not the best thing for me.

Our medical insurance will pay for them once a year now (up to $300.00) so I thought I'd give it one more chance...