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Re: I can sure empathize

Posted by Robin B. on 2/28/00 at 00:00 (016538)

Congratulations -- being able to even start to resume a normal life is truly a wonderful thing. The first time I was able to walk about 1/2 mile, I was crying too. I have been walking since Christmas Day and am now up to 2.6 miles at a time (with icing afterwards).

You're right, Bob -- there is indeed hope. Having spent nearly two years on my butt, I feel pretty tentative about my newly resumed life. I HAVE overdone it on occasion, and have lived to regret it. Took me about a week to return to my largely painfree level. So the lesson is -- TRY not to overdo it. Every morning when I set out, I make myself a promise -- even though the old behavior was to push, push, push through any discomfort -- I promise myself now: 1) that I will only increase my distance in 1/4 mile increments; 2) the moment I get serious heel pain, I will hot-foot it home.

Again, congratulations Bob. It's great you are back on the beach again.