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Answers to massage questions

Posted by Lee M. on 2/29/00 at 00:00 (016589)

Phys Therapy for approx 3 months. I ran out of insurance. They would pay for surgery but no more phys therapy. Is that stupid or what.
3 x a week. Hot cold soaks, then ultrasound 5 mins. then 20 minutes of firm massage. No cream,instead a spray that caused friction.
My heel was too tender for him to rub. He started at the mid-calve area and worked down. It took about a month before he could touch my heel. Then most of the massage was to my arch 80% and heel 20%. He believes the pain is from no circulation so massaging the heel is not going to make the heel spur go away. I'm sure the circulation was my bigest problem. My feet are like ice cubes all the time and I have always had leg cramps. I really started to notice a difference when I started my own massage every am & pm with a Thumper. It's a hand held massager that I bought at Brookstone (L.A. area). There are several devices on the market that are similar. I have been pain since the end of my physical therapy. My arches ache occasionaly and I massage and I'm ok. I still wear my orthodics and I never run or walk fast for exercise. Just moderate kinds of exercise. I'm still a little afraid it might come back.
I'm sure some people have tried P.T. and it was either to painful or no results quick enough and gave it up. It is the only thing that gave me 100% relief from that nail driven up the bottom of my foot.