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To John G, or anyone: need help contacting Dr. Galea

Posted by Irene M on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016657)


On 12/10 you posted a message here giving contact information for Dr. Galea. You said we could send him an MRI and other records, and he would assess whether we were a candidate for the Ossatron treatment, possibly saving us a trip to Canada.

This does not work. I sent my info to that address months ago and have heard nothing. I have left countless telephone messages at all four of Dr. G's phone numbers (with answering machines and real people) and sent Dr. G three emails, and I am unable to learn even whether my materials were received.

John, can you help me out? I would very much like Dr. Galea's assessment of my case, and at the minimum I would like my MRI's and Xrays back, which were expensive. I sent them in December and this is March.