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Thank you for your remarks

Posted by Mike W on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016662)

I am sorry that I have been too enthusiastic about Personal Foot Trainers and will let results do the talking. I have not intended to misrepresent myself on this board and will take your advise and will try to make it clear that I am associated with PFT's in future posts regarding them.

I have had numerous e-mails from PF message board readers who have complimented me on the content of my posts.

Re 2) I agree totally and part of my over zealousness is a byproduct of being attacked and underminded from the minute Scott posted his approval of PFT's. I expressed my dipleasure about this with Scott but there is little that he or I can do about it. It is about time someone commented on this and I thank you for your expressing your views.

Mike W