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About Mike W and the PFTs

Posted by Scott R on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016671)

I have been busy which is one reason I haven't complained to Mike W about the number of posts, but it's also because he wasn't simply making short lambasts, but rather detailed descriptions of his theories. Another reason I haven't complained is because he is enthusiastic about his product and sensitive to any negative comments. I figured concerns such as those that have been expressed about his posts would be forth-coming and he would curtail his comments right away. I also need some help from time-to-time from frequent visitors to the board to complain for me when they are being bothered. This can be done without being too mean and getting into a war of words.

Do not worry about hurting my income or offending me with your posts. I've never deleted a non-advertising post. I have thick-skin and this is an open message board with the exceptions of advertising, irrelevant posts, or posts that are too mean. (I guess that's a another slight modification to the posting agreement).

I'm going out of town tonight.