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Going out on a limb

Posted by wendyn on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016692)

I won't tell you what to do Mike, and the choice is certainly yours...but may I suggest that perhaps you just add a 'signature' to your posts....especially when you're discussing PFT's?

That way, anyone new to this board would know that this is your product, and that you have a financial connection to it. They would also know where to contact you for info if they want it. Those of us that are here often, wouldn't have to be worried that someone new will see your posts and incorrectly assume you are just a person coming to this board that was cured by this device. It's important for people to understand that this is YOUR product you're talking about.

I think you have a lot of valuable insight to offer, and you're a welcome addition to this board - but I also share the concerns of others who have posted about you posting to promote your own product. Perhaps this would be a satisfactory solution?

For example - just end your message with

Mike W
Inventor of the PFT
Email me at '......' for more info

That way - there would be no concern of misrepresenting yourself.