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Heel spurs vs PF

Posted by Lori S on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016699)

After suffering with PF for over 10 years and having surgery 10 months ago, I've encountered a lot of Dr's who have opinions on this subject. The consensus seems to be that the spurs are caused by the PF (something about the PF ligament 'pulling' 'calcium-like' deposits from the heel which forms a spur) My spurs didn't/doesn't (as I only have one now) hurt even when pushed and prodded. It sticks out from my heel towards my toe and is very sharp looking and yes, reminds me a bit of the map of Italy . Both feet had the same size/shape spurs yet one foot was severely painful due to PF. Although the surgery seems to have helped, I'm not 100%. My feet do get sore but I still ice most eves and wear my orthotics. I believe that I will always need to be careful with my feet as whatever caused the PF and spurs in the first place could happen again.
I feel that after all of the research comes in and a major successful treatment for PF becomes available, we will find that PF is like alcoholism. Once a sufferer, you always need to be careful and take it one day at a time.
Lori in AZ