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These splints put mine to shame

Posted by salina on 3/01/00 at 00:00 (016709)

I took a look at these night splints, and fell in love. If you could see what my doc came up for me to wear you would understand why. I too have it in both feet. Wish I hadn't gotten my last pair of inserts and that footflex so I could afford a couple of these. I am so sick of my big ugly hard ace bandage wrapped night splints. These are so much nicer. And I am thinking of how much easier they would be to just slide into after being on my feet, to get a little icing and light stretch at the same time. Hopefully I can get a pair later since I definately need them on both feet. These would probably be worth the money since even once we are technically 'healed', we will probably always need to be careful and ice after strenuous activity or long time on our feet. So they will probably come in handy for years to come. Unfortunately. I hate to get so excited about night splints of all things, but I guess that is what PF does to you. Anything is an improvement from what I have now.