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Re: To Mike

Posted by Sue S on 3/02/00 at 00:00 (016720)

I am sorry for the attacks you have taken on this board. I don't believ you are trying to mislead anyone about your product. You are very informative and I am sure your information has been of interest to many here,who probably have limited knowledge of anatomy of the foot/leg. Some people seem to be taking all of this a little to much to heart and are forgetting we are all trying to help each other with our suggestions, questions,etc. I agree you have posted a lot about your pft's but each time has been in relation to someones comment or question. This is something you really believe in and hopefully others who try it will be able to relate positive results.

It would be beneficial if we ALL could move on and past this and continue with suggestions, questions and support of others.

I do have a question for you. I believe you had PF. It might help if you would share your story and treatment with this board. Good luck to you.