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Comfortable Night Splint

Posted by Bob G. on 3/03/00 at 00:00 (016829)

I usually read/post late evening as my days are busy, but I am so excited about sleeping through the whole night without waking up because of the night splint. In fact, when I did wake up naturally I was surprised to find my night splint still on and my foot feeling comfortable. No pain with first step, either.

This is what works for me: I wear the Strassberg Sock along with the night splint BUT I do not tighten the sock to any extreme; I do not bend the toes back as in the illustrations, just enough tension (gentle, remember?) to keep the toes from pressing down against the night splint.

Wearing the night splint alone my foot eventually experiences discomfort because of 'pressures', how the leg is positioned, etc. - but with the sock on the foot is held in a more comfortable position without those uncomfortable pressures.

I also insert the Birkenstock heel lift (picture accessible top of home page) inside the splint for added comfort and safety. When I get up to turn off the lights, etc I can walk in the night splint in comfort and safety.

I am currently walking around all day long in comfort for about two weeks now. I am feeling confident about jogging and dancing by summertime. Good luck to all!