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To Nancy

Posted by salina on 3/03/00 at 00:00 (016839)

Hi, I certainly do not wish to rehash the whole debate thing that was going on. So I will make this short and sweet.
I am just hoping you are reading the board and will see this.
Nancy, you have helped so many people on this board. I miss you already, what has it been? a day?
I just want to say that I trully hope you are taking a break because that is what you need right now, and not because you are actually upset at something somebody said. Everyone that got in that debate of sorts had very valid points. Everyone. They just didn't happen to jive together too well there for awhile, that's all. But I understand the feeling of being tired of it. So rest up, girl, and please keep reading the board. You never know when someone might need some help and you are just the person to help them.
Take care of those feet and let us know how you are doing.
This post does not need any responses, please. I just wanted to talk to Nancy. It is not about any issues, and I am sure Scott would appreciate it if i would stop chatting. So I am finished.
Talk to us soon Nancy. Best wishes, Salina