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Response to Laurie and note to Doctor Z

Posted by wendyn on 3/03/00 at 00:00 (016892)

Laurie, I go to acupuncture Monday and to podiatrist number 3 Tuesday. My big focus Tuesday is getting fitted for orthotics that I can actually wear - and at least getting an opinion from this guy on what he thinks is happening with my feet. He's supposed to be good with 'tough' patients.

Just a thought on your cortisone shot. Do you think maybe that it took the pain down enough that you overworked it at physio? Maybe you did more than normal because there actually wasn't as much pain - and your foot didn't like the extra activity.

I have to ask this - Doctor Zuckerman - what do you think of these hot flashes some of us have in their feet? My PT believes this is a sympathetic nervous system response that has something to do with RSD - but I have never been diagnosed with RSD, and my situation is not severe (at least at this point) like what Lee has had.

These hot flashes only occur in the evening (or very late afternoon), and are always associated with increased pain. It's happened a half a dozen times or more on my right foot - only once on my left. My foot (from the ankle down) turns a lovely shade of something between purple and red (mostly the top and sides of my foot). You can see the incresed ciruclation because the veins swell, the foot swells some - and it feels very very warm to touch. It is accompanied by an uncomfortable, painful, numbing sensation.

It is probably one of the most nasty feelings I have ever experienced - it is like some has taken a blood pressure cuff, wrapped it around my ankle - and pumped it right up (but with the added feeling of heat)

It always goes away...usually I go to bed - and it's gone in the morning. If I stay up it usually takes less than an hour to stop the color change, but it will continue to burn until I go to sleep.