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Interesting book perhaps: "Fixing your Feet", mentioned in another forum.

Posted by dang dave on 3/03/00 at 00:00 (016897)


I am still 'pain free' while exercising and working on my feet regularly.

credit is due to my inserts from Superfeet. Garmont and Lowa boots, a cortisone shot, regular morning stretches but only without pain, and occasional foot binding with my ace bandage method (a somewhat poor imitation of a strassburg sock or splint). Things that didn't work: ibuprofen, (a waste of medicine), magnetic inserts, deep stretching (keep it light), or staying on the computer all night long. iceing and hot water may have helped but I doubt ice alone helped it. actually only the combination of hot and icy water seemed to work in the last days of my last bout with PF.

best regards and health to the regulars here. Keep up the optimism and know that PF is surmountable.