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Response to everyone

Posted by wendyn on 3/07/00 at 00:00 (017000)


The taping is done with medical tape but he suggested I buy white hockey tape (this guy is just full of money-saving-options). Two pieces of tape from baby toe bunion to big toe bunion along outside of foot. Several pieces of tape overalapping 1/2 inch along bottom of foot to support arch. Couple more pieces to cover tape ends. My foot has felt decent all day. You know where you can stick your current 70 degree weather. I hope it's that nice there in April when I fly to your City for a visit (should I actually survive the plane ride).


Thanks....overall it was a good visit and I'm glad I went.

John H:

You too can go stuff your good weather and your flowers. I have snow and ice and slush. Our frost-free (yea right) season here is from June 1 till about Sept 1.

TTS surgery as you said is not always helpful. It really depends on what is causing the problem in the first place. Because I seem to be getting better instead of worse, I still have some hope left that I won't have to have surgery.


I will take you up on your offer, but we have to understand that I will provide very honest feedback. Just because it may not help me, doesn't mean it won't help someone else if it really is a good product - but I reserve the right to comment on what I think of it overall. My dad and one of my sons each have foot problems - so I can have them check it out too. Despite the fact we're not far apart, sorting out the logistics of our schedules (especially mine right now) could prove to be most difficult. You have my number and I've go yours...hopefully we'll figure something out!