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Baxter nerve? interesting

Posted by dang dave on 3/08/00 at 00:00 (017038)

Thanks for these comments. I am doing relatively good so far in a month and a half of relatively pain free working and hiking but this PF business I know can reoccur with my increased stress on my legs and feet with warmer weather and more work plus hiking and running coming up. The Baxter nerve thread has been neglected perhaps. Got to admit I don't recall much said about it.

The pain of PF is too severe for Ibuprofen in my opinion but is a localized thing which makes the Baxter nerve idea most obvious in my case. Also my cortisone experience was positive as I noted the nurse practitioner indeed placed his needle right about there where the 'Baxter nerve' would be... and that pain's been gone (in my then more hurtful left foot) since... whereas the non treated foot now still has twinges of PF residual aches here and again.

on the previous message, I am sorry to hear that the US Army still doesn't provide adequate fitting boots. I recall as a teenager working a summer or two with those Army surplus boots I could only afford (5 bucks a pair).. and my feet have never been totally pain free since. that was about 30 years ago. I would have thought the Army by now would have invested in some of the new shoe and boot technologies that have revolutionized mountaineering and skiing.