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Re: My PF Story (long post) treating the causes!!

Posted by dang dave on 3/09/00 at 00:00 (017039)

Yupp, got to agree about the foot weakness theory. You're on to something there. My PF flaired up after a relative relaxed period of spending many hours on the internet and then starting up 'trail running' as a middle aged pastime. The sudden stress after a relative period of only working (on my feet) parttime and sitting on my butt for lots of time coupled with a middle aged slightly obese thing certainly contributed to PF.

I am not sure though if extra thing-a-ma-jigs are what's needed BUT if I saw your invention at a Drug Store or Camping or Backpacking supply store I'd be tempted. Also although the owner of this web site needs to keep commercial messages to a fair minimum I'd be interested in your web site if any. Although as of yet PF and general poverty has kept my web purchases to a minimum... (only some second stuff from another forum... with good results btw) ... I may someday invest in the various health aides given here.