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Re: I miss that car

Posted by Rick R on 3/09/00 at 00:00 (017073)

I put in my 10 and only played for about the 30 min lunch I didn't take so I'm dangerous now, not to mention hungry. Have you seen the movie Falling Down?

Don't listen to her Kim, I would never kid about such a serious matter....yea right! I really wouldn't want to go over the edge. Just be careful driving to the airport, the most dangerous part of your trip by far.

Wendyn, I am humbled by your sensitivity to the sciatic nasty. My 'down the leg pain' is nothing in comparison. I woke up at 3:00 AM Monday and literally couldn't make it out of bed to get the funny pills so I had to disturb my better 2/3 (measured by the how much better not weight). By 5:00AM I was good to go albeit kinked up like a pretzel. My 16 year old daughter does the back massage. She could make a fortune as a what ever that word is.

I do believe that there is a connection between the PF and my back (yea I know my legs). That leaning forward position that results from shifting your weight off of the heels to the balls of the feet is a no no for the lower back. More often than not I can correlate leaning with a back episode opposed to heavy lifting or other theoretically more aggressive activity. If you are on the tall side standard counter tops will be at just the wrong height.