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Oh No, Something Else to Think About!

Posted by salina on 3/13/00 at 00:00 (017196)

Thanks Pat, I finally have another appointment scheduled, so I will have this one check again. Both my parents are gone, bless them, and I really wish they were here right now. When I was little, I remember my daddy calling me little flatfoot. Didn't think much about it at the time. I also remember vaguely my mother having to order me some special inserts for my shoes. I remember this because we were poor and this was a BIG deal for someone in our family to actually get shoes that didn't come from woolworth haha. I remember her telling me I was getting awfully expensive. But as I got older, we never went back and got anymore. Now I don't know if we were supposed to have continued to do this as my feet grew or what. Maybe they were put in to try to make me an arch or something.
But what is confusing is that I don't think I have flat feet. The pod made me stand up so he could look at my arch and he said I have a normal arch. so I am assuming that to be the case. And I can visibly see an arch. But will still bring this stuff up to my doctor at my next appointment. Something HAD to have been going on for me to get inserts as a child. Thanks for the advice.