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rest and exercise mix...

Posted by dang dave on 3/13/00 at 00:00 (017233)


I am okay now but I don't know how I'll be at the end of the week. I really was a little concerned this morning that my PF was starting up again after doing lots of running around on the job. I also did about a 5 and half mile hike on Saturday and a little hike on Sunday. Monday was met with some criticism about work a carpenter mate and I did last week and then we had to hustle to please the boss (who's work was not very good in my opinion.... but we couldn't criticize him!!). Also, the other guy's 6 month evaluation was up this week and we felt we'd better get hopping to make things look good so I ended up working almost 10 hours straight on my feet...plus over a couple hours of commuting time...

I realize the stress of the morning news of some criticism may have caused my feet to feel pain but once I could get the job going after figuring things out, the pain went away. That's one of the many times when I've noticed that psychological stress can seem to have a bearing on PF. But that also my cork insoles are working too, in distributing the weight on my feet.

I find that I have to get more rest now that I am being slave driven... and without that rest I probably have PF all over again. On the good side though of my working more harder, I've lost weight and am down to an almost flat bellied, trim 180 lbs whereas when I started reading and writing here several months ago I was closer to 200 lbs.

Also, this morning I didn't do all the stretches I usually do. Another reason I may have felt a little twinge of pain this morning. That is just kneeling on each instep in bed for 60 - 70 seconds each leg, then doing the 'foot twirls' 20 reps each way, each foot and then about 1 minute of foot massage each foot Before Getting out of bed... (I did part of the routine after realizing I forgot it while in the morning dash to get a lunch together, wash clothes, make breakfast, check and write e mail etc.... the extra long commute not usual, made the morning hour tighter...)

foot massage is a good thing but I still don't quite get if there's much to it... as all I can do alone is barely knuckle into the flesh on the bottoms of my feet and it barely seems like it does anything as the feet are so tough, tougher than my hands. It seems to help though so I highly recommend it. I use the knuckles of the fingers to dig in as my fingers really cannot bring enough pressure to feel anything in the instep and near the heal on the bottom of my feet.

now off to bed...

gut nacht