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Ugly shoes

Posted by wendyn on 3/13/00 at 00:00 (017234)

No matter what shoes you choose, you can (and you will) get past the whole fashion thing. Lots of us have been through what you're feeling, and although you may feel goofy for a bit - comfort will win out in the end.

We had an interesting string of posts on 'butt-ugly' shoes a while back - you may want to do a search. I think it was rather amusing and may help keep this in perspective.

I not only wear my Birks with business skirts - I wear Birks _AND_ big fat socks and business skirts. I need the padding on my feet. Yes, I look ridiculous -it certainly keeps me humble. And reasonably comfortable.

I have started to change my wardrobe (as my budget permits) to go with my ugly shoes. Most people match their shoes to their clothes - not me. I look at an outfit and say 'Yes, it's cute - but how will it look with the Birks'. I wear a lot more trendy/casual 'GAP' type clothes - so the shoes don't stick out quite as much now.

Hope you find something that works for you.