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Re: Well, Barb...

Posted by Kim B. on 3/14/00 at 00:00 (017266)

Hi Barb,

This is a new one for me. Maybe you can educate me. I was under the impression that guadraplegics can't feel or move anything from the neck down. I'm trying to understand how he has this kind of pain, especially since he probably isn't able put weight on his feet.

Are the docs sure that the heel spurs are the source of his pain? I've been told that just because they are there doesn't mean they are causeing pain. Some people have heel spurs and never notice. However, for some, like me, even small ones can cause a lot of problems. However, in my situation, for example, my pain is increased depending how much time I spend on my feet (and on the spurs, etc.). I .baby them with certian shoes, self massages, (reflexology too), anti-inflammatories, other pain meds, foot soaks, stretching exercises, etc. Things that may or may not be applicable to your father.

Anyway, Check out this site throughly, read Scott's pf book (conveniently located here at this site), read the old and new posts and you'll get lots of ideas. Be sure to make use of the key word search feature (above) when you find a topic you need more information on.

I wish I could help further, I just don't know enough about your Dad's unique situation to be of anymore help at the moment.

Best Regards, Kim B.